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Chemistry Faculty

Dr. Joseph Gardner is the official advisor for chemistry majors.  All the chemistry faculty are listed below.

  • Dr. Rosa Dávila, Professor. Dr. Dávila has been at CSI since 1995. Her background is in inorganic chemistry. She currently teaches introductory chemistry classes.
  • Dr. Joseph Gardner , Instructor. Dr. Gardner began teaching at CSI in the Fall of 2007.  His background is in inorganic chemistry.  Currently, he is teaching introductory and general chemistry.

  • Megan Jacobson, Instructor. Ms. Jacobson began teaching at CSI in the Fall of 2009.  Her background is in organic chemistry.  She teaches all of the organic chemistry courses for CSI.
  • Dr. Jim Tarter, Associate Professor. Dr. Tarter has taught at CSI since 1995. His background is in analytical chemistry. He currently teaches primarily introductory chemistry.