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Geology Faculty

Shawn Willsey is the advisor for geology majors. Contact him for information or advising.

  • Shawn Willsey, Professor. Mr. Willsey has taught at CSI since 2004. His background is in structural geology/tectonics, volcanology, and stratigraphy. He teaches Physical Geology, Historical Geology, Natural Disasters, Physical Geography, and Field Geology.
  • Timothy Gunderson, Part-Time Instructor. Mr. Gunderson has taught for CSI at the MiniCassia center since 1999. He also teaches dual-credit courses at Burley High School. His background is in regional geology. He teaches Physical Geology and Introduction to the Geology of Southern Idaho.
  • Dr. Erick Powell, Part-Time Instructor.  Dr. Powell has taught Physical Geography at CSI since January 2008.  His background is in water resources.