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Field Geology

     Observing and studying natural features and processes first-hand is essential to those seeking careers as field scientists.  Each spring, the CSI geology program (in

conjunction with the Biology department) offers a week-long field course to an area known for its unique and diverse geology and biology.  The course emphasizes the interplay and connection between Earth processes and life.  The course is designed as a capstone for those majoring in geology, environmental science, biology, geography, and ecology; however, anyone who has successfully completed GEOL 101, 102, or 104 is eligible to enroll.  Instructor permission is required. 

     The field geology course alternates between low-cost, camping-style trips in the western United States to higher-cost, exotic trips that involve air transportation and “civilized” lodging.  For all trips, students should be prepared for hiking up to 12

 miles a day. The course format includes several class meetings prior to departure in order to become acquainted with the region.  Students are required to make a research presentation and to maintain a detailed field journal throughout the course.    Students interested in the Field Geology course should contact Shawn Willsey or call 208-732-6421.

Past GEOL/BIOL 275 trips:

Colorado Plateau – May 2006

Hawai’i – May 2007

Deserts of the Southwestern U.S. – March 2008


Future GEOL/BIOL 275 trips (tentative):

Puerto Rico – May 2009

Oregon Coast – May 2010

Belize (or Hawai’i) – May 2011

Yellowstone and Tetons – May 2012