Physical Science Department




The physical science department is dedicated to promoting general scientific literacy and awareness. We strongly believe in the importance of educating and exciting people of all ages about science. If your group would like some assistance or someone to make a presentation, please contact Mark Daily .

Faculty members and students from the Science Club are frequently involved in many science outreach programs. There are ample opportunities to participate in fun demonstrations, interactive activities, and public science education in the Magic Valley. Some of the recurring highlights throughout the year are:

  • Science Camp: Sponsored by CSI Community Education
    Science Camp is held annually in the summertime for children in elementary school. The camp includes a wide variety of hands-on science activities. Look for registration forms in mid-spring.

  • Science Trek: Sponsored by the Herrett Center
    Science Trek is an overnight sleepover event for elementary school children held in the spring at the Herrett Center. Activities include hands-on science activities in small groups, exciting demonstration shows, exploration of the museum, as well as plenty of playing, eating, and just plain fun.