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Physics ClassThe CSI Physics program has a wide variety of equipment to support labs and demonstrations. Our Equipment room is well stocked with air tracks, photogates, force tables, pulleys, springs, and more to support experiments in classical mechanics. Our classroom/lab has 12 stations wired to provide AC/DC from a centrally controlled power supply. We have a full compliment of circuit components, multimeters and oscilloscopes. For experiments with optics and light, we have lenses, mirrors, optical rails, mounts, polarimeters, interference/diffraction apertures, beamsplitters, and lasers. A good assortment of gas discharge tubes and some excellent spectrometers are used to investigate the physics of atoms and molecules. We also have GM tubes and sources for studying nuclear physics.

Labs and demonstrations are a very important part of the Physics program at CSI. We are continually looking to upgrade our equipment and capabilities since half the fun of learning Physics is playing with the toys.